mini slicer

In the kitchen, everything is essential even if it is tiny. There are many slicer types and many different types can be obtained. You can also get a lot of different lids colors as the mixer’s bottom is translucent. This can be used everywhere.
This helps to quickly slice the food item. It comes with two cups and in the kitchen is a very important thing. This slicer can help with easy food preparation.

Misto Gourmet Olive Oil Sprayer

Use this dispenser to coat evenly your favorite foods such as bruschetta, salad, pasta and low-fat olive oil vegetables. This pump is operated by air pressure without moving parts. Less than-inches tall, so in cabinets it stores neatly. Can be filled to mist plants with other oils, vinaigrette, lemon and lime juice.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

Have you ever seen Xanthan Gum or Soy Lecithin listed in the list of ingredients and wondered what they were doing? Use this molecular gastronomy starter kit from MolÉCule-R FlavorsAlgae to play with these and other extracts and texture agents. Build your own avant-garde cuisine or use the -recipe Dvd to suit. Prices Vary

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

With this kit they will be able to take their culinary skills to new levels that they have certainly never previously tried. It’s part science, part cooking because they make food do wonderful things, and then get to taste the experiment’s product.

Mortar And Pestle />
Maybe it’s just me, but a mortar and pestle package looks like one of those surprisingly cheap kitchen gadgets everyone wants but never gets around to buy. And why don’t they get it?
This setis was made in a classic-inch size from unpolished granite. The contrasting black and gray granite gives it a modern style that still looks classic.
Mountain Cooker


My Family Cookbook

This is the way they will turn their everyday meals into their own personal family meal collection. It can become a heirloom easily, passed on to future generations, adding recipes as they are discovered or made.

Napresso Citiz Espresso Maker

This user-friendly automated espresso maker quickly and easily brews perfect single-serve drinks. The unit is fitted with a high-pressure bar pump to clean a foamy paste. Just insert a hermetically sealed capsule and close the lever, then pick Espresso and Lungo from the programmable buttons. Prices Vary

Ninja Air Fryer

It is the perfect food gift following all the trends. The air fryer can fry food with less oil than is provided by traditional methods of frying.

Danish Nordic Ware Ebleskiver Pan

Shape describes the small Danish triangular pancakes known as ebleskiver. Use a conventional reuse from scratch and add fresh ingredients to a pancake or cake mix that is prepackaged. This healthy pan is non-stick to help make turning seven ebleskiver at once easy (use an authenticity knitting needle). Made of aluminum cast with a stay-cool handle of wood.

Norpro Silicone Mini Pinch Bowls

These four lightweight mini pinch bowls (all 1⁄2 inch wide by 1⁄2 inch tall) are suitable for cooking ingredients or seasoning. Pinch container to mix ingredients into containers. Made of pliable, Fda-approved silicone that is up to degrees F heat-resistant and does not absorb tastes or odors. Easy dishwasher.

Obol: Never-Soggy Cereal Bowl

This separate bowl features a cereal compartment and a separate milk reservoir. For the perfectly doused slice, use the matching spoon to take cereal for a quick dip in milk. Use with milk and cookies, chips and salsa, broth and crackers, and other wet-dry combinations. Built from polypropylene free of Bpa. Easy dishwasher.

One Stop Chop Cutting Board

This cutting board is sure to help them out in the kitchen because it includes everything they need when cutting, including underneath storage drawers that can hold cut foods to clear the board space for the next batch of vegetables.

One-handed bottle opener

Inspired by the Theodore Low bottle opener from the s. Perform it by connecting it to a bottle cap, then slip your thumb into the trigger and squeeze it firmly— then viola, the machine pries off and caps with a magnetic fulcrum. Cast in polished stainless steel and sealed in a stainless steel tray.

Onion Goggles

By wearing protective Onion Goggles, prevent teary eyes when cutting onions and other vegetables. The goggles are more efficient than home remedies like burning candles, slicing onions under water or freezing the onions before cutting because the soft foam seal prevents the irritant from coming into contact with your eyes for tear-free chopping.

Organic Reusable Food Wraps

These reusable food wraps are ideal for holding leftovers, scraps or bulky containers that have lost their cover. Plastic is a commodity that, for obvious environmental reasons, is losing popularity. The wraps provide the same benefit that a plastic food storage bag provides but without the environment’s unpleasant footprint. The wraps were made from a company called Etee’s organic cotton.

Orka Oven Mitts

Often you just have to put your hand in a boiling water pot—that’s where Orka Oven Mitts come in. These are made of pure silicone to be waterproof and heat resistant to degrees F, plus their non-slip surface gives you extra control when handling hot plates. For easy cleaning, the internal cotton lining is removable.

Orka Vegetable Sacks

Up to four pounds of vegetables are shielded from light to prevent rot and sprouting. Hang on the wall so veggies can be touched, but don’t clutter countertops. Set of 3 of different sizes. Winner of the Tabletop and Textiles Gourmet Gold Award. Washable from the unit.

Oster Myblend

Smoothies and fresh juices are a great way of getting nutrients, but cleaning up can be an issue. My Blend is an individual blender which removes the step of cleaning up by making your favorite drink in a reusable sports bottle that you can easily take on the go. Only mix the ingredients together, remove the blade and substitute with the lid.

Oster Wine Chiller

The cordless electric wine bottle opener makes it an easy and quick option. Removes corks with a single charge in seconds, up to bottles. Store wine for hours in the accompanying stainless steel thermal chiller. All suit all bottles of traditional wine. Included foil cutter and base for recharging.

Other Gift Ideas

Ove’ Glove

Why wear an oven with a glove’s versatility and dexterity? The exterior of the Ove Glove is Nomex percent and Kevlar percent, offering up to degrees F heat resistance, while the interior is made of cushy double-knit cotton. The glove is washable by machine, making it great for everyday use and during the Bbq season.

Oxo Corn Stripper

Run the corn stripper down the length of a steamy corn cob and kernels pop right into the semi-top capacity jar attached. The stainless steel edge of the device is not going to rust or dull. Practical solution for small children and those whose dental work prohibits them from eating off the cob to shear cobs with a knife.

Oxo-In-Avocado Slicer

How many cooking devices do the avocado need to be cut, pitted and sliced? Only one! It-in-method includes a plastic blade which cuts the skin without being sharp to the touch, a pit remover which uses a quick twisting action, and a fan blade

To quickly mash fruits and vegetables, place the ricer over a bowl and grip the handles. Make everything from mashed potatoes to baby food with this stainless steel press which features non-slip handles made from the same material as gaskets for dishwasher. Winner of the Creative Award for Tylenol / Arthritis Foundation. Easy dishwasher.

Ozeri Virtual Kitchen Scale

Measure accurately from as little as-ounce to as much as -pounds (grams to grams). This scale reduces the weight of containers containing loose ingredients automatically. The wide Lcd screen shows weight in pounds (lb / oz), grams (kg / g) and ounces (fl.oz., ml) to avoid confusing conversion formulas. Tempered glass layer.

Pepper and Salt Grinder

Salt and pepper are one of the most important items used in food preparation. Many people have the habit of grinding and applying salt and pepper to the food on the spot. This is the conventional one that can be used in several different ways.

Custom cutting board

This cutting board has something unique about it, its name! This will likely become their favorite cutting board as no other board will have their name on it like this one, carved from one side of the board.

Custom Master Chef Sign

Made in the U.S.A., this all-wood plaque is made of antique white centerpiece toque. The optional hanging name board is customized with your preferred name and title.

Pizza Cones

Everybody loves pizza, but deciding on toppings can be hard. Fortunately, making custom pizzas for each family member is simple. The package consists of two cone shapes, two stands, a dough cutter and a crimper— all non-stick for easy cleaning. Makes at one time two pizza cones.

Pop-Out Pans

A pop-out pan is a special piece of baking ware made partly or entirely of flexible, Fda-grade silicone that enables a cook to simply invert the pan and slip baked goods right out by gently pressing on the bottom. Good for brownies or other foods that normally go on to pans. Prices Vary from

Popover Pan

Chicago Metallic’s nonstick-cup popover pan was designed for easy release after cupcakes, muffins and other individual treatments. Flip over pans to slip from the oven new bite-sized baked goods. Easy dishwasher. Heavy-duty building permits regular use of tins;-year warranty.

Precision Cooker

With Bluetooth it works. And connects automatically to the last computer. Everything is done by only one person. This can be done and their job can be made easy. This works faster, making food easier. This is used to calculate the inside of the pan temperature.
This is great for children as they are able to prepare and make their food correct. When used once, nothing can stop this machine. One of the best gifts we can make for kids who like to bake.


Presto Belgian Waffle Maker

Make restaurant-degree rotating base not only guarantees a tender waffle but also locks in an upright position for space-saving storage.


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