You’re The Monica To My Rachel Mug

Dearest friends, when you give them one or more special best friend birthday gifts that declare You’re the Monica to My Rachel Mug, they’ll fill their cups with love and warm and cold drinks. Handmade of beautiful ceramic, these mugs guarantee affection in four sizes 11 ounces to 17 ounces.

The Coloring Book of the 1990s

If they grew up in the 1990s, they would love this coloring book that celebrates all 90s from amazing TV shows and films to questionable fashion and even more questionable music.

When you know someone who can do something with a little self-help but without the sandals and candles, this set of reinforcement cards gives you more than a little sarcasm and light-heartedness.

This Might Be Wine Mug

Prices Vary

Cat Butt Magnets

If you know someone who would love to have their kitchen crawled with cats, this set of magnets is the perfect Christmas gift for them!> Nap Sack

Keep them guessing with this joke package at the very last minute that tricks them into believing you bought them one (awful) gift when you bought them another. Prices Vary

With this pair of knee-high socks featuring the lovely Mr. Wavy Arms himself floating happily against a blue sky, they will advertise their own brand of funkiness.

Ryan Gosling Color Book
> Saturday Night Live – Board Game

Transform game night into Saturday Night Live with this SNL game that brings all the fun frolics and mayhem in the living room over the past few decades.

Cat Butts Coloring Book If they love cat butts and can’t lie, this coloring book will make a great birthday gift as it features a multitude of monochrome backsides just waiting for color to erupt.


Before beginning a run, fill your comfortable sports bra with 25 ounces of your favorite drink: is it the mystical hydrating strength of water or the graceful graces of wine? Your pick! The medium-sized bra is fitted with a drinking pipe and an easy-to-use on / off valve to satisfy your athletic prowess and oenophilia!> Best Friend Keyring

A solid brass copper or stainless steel keyring that negates the question: Where did I leave my keys? Graved with the impression that we have been friends for so long that I can’t remember who is your BFF’s bad influence should hold your fun love close by.

Monster Mushions Surprise your bestie friend with joy and surprise with a gift that highlights the best feature of your face! The Monster Mushion, 60 cm by 40 cm (24-inch by 16-inch), is both a cuddly and huge gift to the oh-so-humble-not – so-humble friend in your life with guaranteed guffaws giggles and warm-hearted laughs. Fun unusual for good friends and a must-have.

Peanut Butter And Jelly Heart Keychain Collection While some may argue differently, this artist insists that peanut butter and jelly were one of the best combinations ever made. If you are of the same ilk and are searching for happiness tokens that will be appreciated by your best mate with a personalized keychain of your choice: peanut butter jelly or both.

News Grow A husband

Tired of sitting in front of a TV watching sports and not paying attention to yourself? Here’s a funny-as-check fast, cheap, talk-back solution: grow a boyfriend. Only drop this new consort into the water and six times his original size and your new buddy will expand within 72 hours. Outrageous!

The lyrics of the song remind us of who we can count on and the words on this T-shirt reflect those feelings with grooving goofiness and a thumbs-up to fabulous friends. These two unisex-sized T-shirts bring fun lovin’ and hilarity to a long-overdue party night while the 100% cotton fabric brings comfort to the body and soul of the heart.

Kim Kardashian Crying Coffee Mug

MOLFROA Best Friend Printed Crop Tops

French fries are the perfect partner for a hamburger. And that’s a fact [ un]documented. Some may name the two best friends, and so on a pair of gal-pal T-shirts, the pairing of fries with a burger bear. The cartoons are super cute super funny and the short-sleeved T-shirts cotton-blend scoop-necked are super comfy.

Yes, please, I’m going to have another Ultimate Bliss glass propeller with this two-piece wine glass set that allows two people to share a 750ml wine bottle without having to refill their glass. Hold on or both of your favorite red white and invite your fan over.


Price varies

Best Friends Thelma And Louise Shirts

Ah the epic tale of two friends on a road trip with unforeseen circumstances lives on in many hearts and DVD trays. Demonstrate your love by granting a super-soft Thelma or Louise T-shirt to your bezzie pal in various shapes: top V-neck racerback tank and more. True friends are alive.

Tequila Tacos & Best Tank of Friends

TTBF. The latest go-to acronym that must be on the coolest and swankiest tank top of your newest. Tequila tacos and best friends are enjoyed by everyone. And these comfortable tops are hand-crafted and screen-printed with water-based non-toxic inks that last a lifetime and will not crack or peel. Celebrate TTBF with huggy love and bevies of food.

Friends Can Help Sign

True friends come to your rescue if you need them, and the gift of laughter helps to heal all kinds of wounds. So when you receive this esteemed text that will guarantee you that in your hour of need, your best friends will support you hmm sarcasm? Your love for them is going to flourish with fervor and buffooning!

At the risk of raising a rather personal subject, the reality is that we as humans need facilities to perform body functions. The Poop Emoji and Coffee Poop Spray solves multiple problems when you’re looking for funny and useful best friend birthday gifts. High-quality and functional handcrafted well-scented. It’s over.

Best Bitches Wish Bracelet

Price varies

Tall Best Friend Short Best Friend BFF Shirts

Dear confidants who share the love of great coffee: meet for a steaming brew and toast continuing friendship with the gift of complementary T’s. Super comfortable and with an expertly crafted toast design for continuous excursions with your dear friend and the ultra-cool nature of short and tall cafés-to-go.

Funny Best Friend Magnet

A bold joke may yet have been made by a friend who would probably appreciate the retro appeal of this fridge magnet. Perhaps on your own refrigerator there’s a corner that would welcome the sauciness of this dazzling gal. In any case, let’s accept that this starlet is but cheeky funny and brutally honest for some. Only the best friends.

What’s not to love about an ultra-cool T-shirt unicorn with a rainbow mane tee? Oh, grooving next to a girl who’s not so hip. Help the Make-All-Gals / Girls-Hip further. Ideal for a funky color birthday party and great indoor and outdoor watching magic happen and grooviness and hipness take place. Prices Vary

PB&J Best Pillow Friend

Disturbed Friends Game

The game is not for the weak of heart. But it’s for the spirit’s brave. There are 250 many considered offensive and disturbing by public opinion questions posed with the ultimate strategy involving a vote among your friends to determine strategies in horrible situations. Discover and be prepared for screening.

The-Memory-I-Should-Forget’s shame. Release Method: Immerse and plunge the nasty power in a luxurious bath of pink sea-salt crystals with a rejuvenating and soothing soak. Glowing and shining with girl-powered sparkles and premium bath salts, this Bachelorette Party Divorce Party and Ladies ‘ Night party has therapeutic advantages including no guilt.

Kawaii Poop and Toilet Paper BFF Necklaces

Price varies

Head Case Luggage Cover

Hundreds+ black bags and colored tags waiting in the Baggage Reclaim area? Switch it here! Be the new [ S]Hero of your best pal and put your favorite or their mugshot on your ultra-favourite piece of luggage. Available in three sizes ideal for Planetary Travelers and those who are courageous forward-thinking and self-confident?) (

Texts from Mittens the Cat Calendar

Whether it’s the beginning of January mid-April or the end of September that demonstrate chats between kids and kitties reading every week and every year. Mitty a slightly neurotic dog-hating self-absorbed home is the star who releases their feelings and attitude on a daily basis and educates one and all with pleasure and amusement. Prices Vary> Bath Soak

Vexed I am offended? Insulted? A selfless bath with a Yes box, I’m Offended Bath Bath! Relax your tense muscles and whisk your furrowed brow off to a happy place called Bliss. The gift of friendship rejoices with a wonderful scent of lavender underlined by therapeutic sarcasm and giggles.

Air New Car Freshner
24 Diy Best Friend Gifts

Diy Boyfriend Pillow

Diy Painted Kitchen Towels

Spice up rock on and wash your kitchen with hand towels that affirm and declare super cool lyrics and statements: Beat It Whip It Chop It Like It’s Warm. Brilliant humor borrowed from The Past’s great songs will revive your precious kitchen space and keep you and your kitchen friends grooving while they sizzle.

There is a dear friend who moves away one day in our lives near our homes and always in our hearts. The long-distance mug of the BFF personifies and memorizes the special place the amazing person holds for us. For easy instructions on creating this beautifully simple heart-warming gift, please check out the page.

Manicure In A Jar

Watercolor Birthday Cards

This is a super simple but unusual way to make a different greeting card or even a bigger one to hang on the wall.

Homemade birthday cards may be a little blah, but this one is very sweet with sprinkles! They look very good, whether you want to use lollipops ice creams or something else.

Easy Birthday Cards

Choose from a birthday in a box or a party in a jar (or perhaps both) and give someone all the sweet treats they need to make their day memorable.

Diy Cozy Slippers

Quick Note For Your Birthday Printable

Gather some cheap and cheerful stationary things such as notepads and tie them with a ribbon and add this free printable tag for a useful yet cute gift.

This is a nice gift idea for your best friend especially if you love your denim! Just put a pocket full of candy gift cards or even cash in a cellophane bag.

Scent Friends Birthday Gift

Donut Bouquet

Flowers make beautiful gifts so you can’t eat them exactly. Try to make a bouquet of brightly colored donuts instead of they’re not going to last as long as they’re going to taste good.

You may take inspiration from this post that shows you some great ideas for things to be included in a jar at a

birthday, ‘ follow the suggestions or come up with your own.

Gift Birthday Bundt Cake

Some birthdays need fancy meals while others require casual soda and burger. Consider it extra special by printing out the birthday boy or girl’s drinks topper and label.

Diy Patterned Candles

Diy Instagram Calendar

Instagram is a great photograph that makes this DIY gift idea super simple to make without ruining the surprise by asking them for their favorite snaps.

Orange is such a happy color you’re going to want to make one for everybody! Search through the post for suggestions and simply add the gift label of the iconic punny.

Diy Teal Birthday Gift

52 Things I love ABout You

This little book will be a beautiful reminder of how much you love them and will encourage you to add your own words and feelings to make them very special.

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