Whether you like Donald or you hate it, this is certainly a beginner of conversation and something special for the wrong politics or just to have fun (a bit of fun!). I plan to give this to my wife since we’re politically opposing and hopefully have some smile and fun on Christmas morning. The picture is the same as described in the definition. Go on and make fun… because life is too short…
My 82-yr-old mom wanted this as a friend’s present. We got it in a few days, and in person it’s even better than online. High quality, well-built and funny.
This purchase was one of the most important purchases I made for my entertainment on Amazon. It’s good and very well done! In the future, it will be a great collector item. I strongly recommend this pen holder, the guy. I gave this to my brother who is — unexplainedly — a supporter of Trump. I don’t think he’ll bring it to his office for apparent reasons, but instead carry it back. Audio, well-made, and much laughter when he unpacked it for his birthday. Well designed, not poorly constructed, that’s quite unusual for a gag gift.



gift pen

It’s practical and enjoyable and when I put my pen up in the drawers of my figure, I usually smile, because it removes my usual annoyance from the edge with the man and his destruction.
He liked it because everyone dislikes the trump and this item is funny, and I’m sure he’s quite often in that role with Putin, lolz or perhaps even his girlfriend.. Yet my theme doesn’t seem to remain. The hole you are supposed to put in is obviously enlarged by Vladimir Putin so that this pen holder has no other features than looks.


Trump joke gift

Once I purchased it, I thought it was made from cheap molded plastic. But it’s a heavy duty. I can’t say whether it’s solid wood, but plastic isn’t. Very well made. Very well made. I’d be able to give it more than five dollars. I showed that to my sister, who’s a Trump fanatic, she wasn’t happy. Nonetheless, it’s worth the money I’ve invested. And it should be a collector’s item until Donald Trump (hopefully soon) is out of office. It has a regular style with a wiggling space and should match a bigger model diameter. You can always dig the hole deeper if you have a much larger pen for shooting up there (or Biggly as Trump says).

Dump-a-Trump’s rump

Only jamming things up Dump-a-Trump’s rump is nothing more interesting. After a day on TV, it gives me great pleasure to go into my office and demonstrate constantly how much I find it to be a fake president. Maybe I can’t insult him like anyone else, but I can certainly imagine Kharma paying him in pads. I’m just going to have to keep on Jammin until then.


Orange trump

This is a very well-made, strong item, and Trump’s figure is a perfect “President” likeness. It also makes a convenient pen or pencil holder very useful. Each time I take my pen, I smile and place it in the holder. My wife said that I needed a less stressful alternative to Trump’s daily rantings and ravings, and that’s it.
My dreams are becoming real, pick-me-up great. My biggest complaint about this model is that when forced through the whole way, the pen doesn’t come out of his mouth. Consider making a different version, please.
One of the start of the greatest debate ever. I’m working in an office filled with Navy staff, so showing this was a bit dicey, but you wouldn’t believe how many would like to take pictures of their Commander In Chief at his best.

Pen stick


For anyone who loves the US, this is a great gift but hassles what lurks in the WH, undermining all sense of morality, democracy, dignity, and ethics. It’s gratifying to stay right where the sun doesn’t shine on this great gag gift. Don’t miss his lapdogs in November!
Gave it to Trump’s birthday supporter. I figured he’dn’t wear a Dump Trump hat, so that’s the next best thing. He enjoyed it. The pen holder is very accurate and well-made. Extremely well-done. Would by that again.

Small hands ?


It felt great to break my pencil off in the ass of Trumps when he bombed Syria without an investigation, proof and permission from congress. The only criticism is that it wasn’t the actual Trump.
Oh my goodness, Dump-a-Trump was much cooler than I imagined! Great quality! Great quality! He takes on an’ honor’ role on my dining table where I do my paperwork. Now if I can recall only the next time I invite my priest to dinner, to kill him….


Gag doll

This is a great news story, particularly if you’re not this man’s fan! It is very good and can improve for the next three years.
It was a little less than I expected, but the laughter was YUGE. No, but really… a great hit. Made everyone laugh at the political spectrum on both sides. Great gift. It’s funny! He opened it at a bar for a friend for his birthday, and many people whipped their cameras out to shoot. It’s been a hit!
It’s the BEST! She also comes with her baseball cap “Red Make America Great Again.” Is it a sharpener pencil? It’s NOT, but it makes your Sharpie pen a good keeper. Of course, super fine point. Just stick it as far as you can in the crack. I refer to Vladimir as my Sharpie.


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