Pig Mug–

Pepperoni Socks Pizza Socks

Pineapple or no pineapple, pizza is an amazing invention without which we would all struggle to live. A pair of pizza socks is the best way to demonstrate how much you care about the pizza pilgrim in your life. A great gag gift in a good old fashioned pizza box that will be shipped to them. Delicious.


Pizza Pouch portable

Pizza lovers are full! Dough aficionados will bring around a slice with them with this Portable Pizza Pouch to make sure they never go hungry. The zip-lock pouch can accommodate a small pizza slice (or a slice of larger pizzas in the New York or Chicago style with a bite out of them).

Potty Putter–

Prank Pack Bathe Brew

Aristotle once said he was shocked by the secret of laughter. Okay, wrap up with the Bathe Brew the perfect gift. Watch happily as your loved ones open the paper to see the most ludicrous item ever lying in their hands, only to find out that at their expense it was all a joke.

Prank Pack Earwax Candle Kit

Remove from Prank Pack the tears of laughter. What seems to be a delightfully gross way to create your own candle is just a hilarious decoy of whatever gift you choose to hold inside. Only wrap it up and see how long before recognizing the receiver. A gag gift concept.

Prank Nap Sack

One of the easy pleasures of life that can be enjoyed with the nap sack anywhere. This isn’t a real product, of course. Simply a decoy box that bemused and puzzled the receiver. A hilariously quick joke that will surely hysterically have the whole family.

Grannies Racing

Who knew that grannies would move so quickly? A fun stocking filler for both children and adults, challenge them across the dinner table–after you’ve loaded yourself with turkey–to see whose granny has the finish line in her sights and who takes a nap after being on the booze.

rainbow Motion Sensor Toilet Night Light

There are many things going bump in the night, including the dreaded toilet run at midnight. Enlighten your RainBowl throne and empty your bladder under your favorite color’s gentle glow. An extremely useful, but amusing, gift idea that the morning after will save countless arguments.


Reindeer Poop Stocking Stuffer

This awesome instructional article will give you all the tips and tricks you need to make a great festive gift for the whole family. Just download the poem, print the stickers, source your’ poop’ and you’re in company, the business of the reindeer.

Repurposed Trophy

A trophy for all sorts of hilarious things can be made. The Year’s Farter. King of Remote Control. Champion for Nose Picking. The least timely man. You’re getting the point. When it comes to a gag prize, the sky is the limit.

Reserved Beach Towel

Service Bell Ring

Wait on hand and on foot. Okay, we can do it now! The call bell removes the need to sob or beg and should encourage you to get what you want when you want it. Great joke gift for friends, and enrich your own life.

Rosie The Riveter Lip Balm

Behind every great set of lips, there is an even bigger lip balm that keeps the lips firm and hard even in the coldest weather. It’s a fun gift idea for the woman in your life with a delicious cherry flavor and Rosie’s graphic on the bottom. Together, girls, we can do’

Second Inning Beach Towel

Squirrel In Underpants Ornament by Accoutrements

Decorate your tree this year and add a nutty flourish to the mix. The squirrel will feel so comfortable among the candy canes that throughout the festive season he will relax in his underpants. The amusing gift idea in your life for the cat, underpants or lover of ornamentation.

Stress Relief Bubble Wrap

Use this joke tag to wrap bubbles to the next point. This offers guidance that we are all familiar with for a stress reliever. It also says that if signs of stress continue, seeing a doctor is not a bad idea.

Superhero Knee Socks

You may not be made of steel, but your knees can fight crime just as well as anyone else. These Superhero Knee Socks come in various characters and feature your favorite comic book heroes’ officially licensed logos. The tiny capes attached to the socks add a special flair and are good for race and marathon participation.

The Ultimate Gag Gift for Dog Lovers–’ Dogs on Bikes ‘ Tees

The Book of’ Unnecessary’ Quotation Marks

Are you one of those people who prefer quotation marks to be used as’ grammatically’ correct? Then it’s for you this book. It is lined with signs whose authors felt a little more clarity was needed to drive their “case” away.

The Farting Animals Coloring Book

Hey, hey, no balls, they’re all. What’s more funny than farting people? Animals. Have fun making a rump ripper rainbow on your own, or buy a great gag gift for someone you love, who loves farts!

Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap

This is a gift for them if your partner needs to help them expand their mullet. The Freebird Mullet Wig Skull Cap from Mullet On The Go features luscious, sleek, shoulder-long locks added to a skull cap with Stars and Stripes. (It’s also a great touch to see a Guns N’ Roses tribute band.)’ gift201.161.jpg’

Official Bullsh*T

Who knows at least a few people full of sh*t? Click the Official Bullsh*t button the next time they run their mouths and you smell something stinky. It alerts the fetid crap from the mouth of your friend to everyone in the area. In an office cubicle, the button works particularly well.

Screaming Goat Book and Figure

Have everyone laugh with The Screaming Goat again like a baby. Sitting proud on a tree stump, this dumb Billy cries whenever he’s pulled. Not only is this gift insanely funny (which it really is), but it is also informative, and comes with an illustrated guide to goat details.

Zombie Survival Guide’

Do you need help to survive the inevitable extinction of zombies? This book can be of assistance. This has all the tips and tricks you need when fighting the zombies. Everything you know has prepared you for a zombie attack right now, but the Zombie Survival Guide will help you make it through the most dangerous time in history.

Tiki Tumblers Ceramic Hawaiian Luau Party Mugs Glasses

Hawaiian drink from a normal cup, if you can drink from them? The Tiki ceramic mug is the perfect addition to home lovers of any sun. In the form of a gift, give them paradise and watch their faces light up with tropical happiness.

Toilet Monster

Looking for a way to scare somebody’s… stuff? The response is the Toilet Monster. Whether you’re sick of being scolded for leaving the seat in the toilet and looking for a way to startle those sharing your bathroom, this mad green monster is going to do the trick. Head up the lid and the beast pops out!

Liquid ounces toilet mug

Full Vision Table Games PottyGolfing

If your son, dad or friend is fascinated with golf, give them this Potty Golf game so they can play anywhere–even in the bathroom. The green grass suits around the toilet, while the knee-length club is the perfect size for the’ King of Golf’ to swing while sitting on his throne of porcelain.

Towelkini Wearable Towel

VBIGER Octopus Beanie Hat

Oct with this Octopus Ski Mask in the colder months. Get this for anyone who is octopi-in your mind this season-giving gift, show them that you care and make sure they never choose your gift buying skills again.

Where is Beach Towel

Witty Yetis Dehydrated Water

With this hilariously funny gag gift from Witty Yeti, prank the prepper in your life. Dehydrated water does exactly as it says on the bottle, has a fairly long shelf life, and its weight in laughs is more than worth it. Only add water!

Women’s Cute Cat Socks

Cute Cat Socks pairs are perfect for cat lover shopping in your lifetime. Similar to comfy, cute and pet, you couldn’t want more from such an item. Make your way this year into somebody’s good books.

World’s Largest Coffee Cup

‘ standard sized coffee cups in one. The Largest Coffee Cup in the World is perfect for your favorite coffee drinker or anyone who can’t get enough of super huge pieces of novelty.

Hate Zombies Stuff

Not many zombies hate. This hardcover book is full of zombie pictures along with all the things that we hate. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves zombies but doesn’t really like reading books.


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