Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

This exclusive action figure turns the favorite crazy lady of everybody into a friendly gag gift. With all her beloved pets, Crazy Cat Lady comes full. Pay homage with this fun plastic model to your favorite crazy lady.

Clever Cursing Profanity Generator

Is the right swear word hard to combine? The imaginative generator of cursing profanity allows you to create the perfect curse for any occasion. Creatively put together bawdy words to show just how you feel’

Crime Scene Prank Beach Towel


Dachshund Beach Towel


How many times did you avoid making your point in a text message? Not to mention the times a completely different, inappropriate message was produced. The book is filled with the best instances of taking over auto correctly and transforming into a terribly awkward moment a normal conversation.

Diy Babydoll Coat Rack

If your friend has just moved to a new home, check out this post for a special housewarming gift… Forget a vase, this coat rack for DIY baby dolls is made of plastic doll limbs. Surely if they come through the door at night it will make them jump.

DIY Boyfriend Pillow

Giving them a shoulder to cry on if you think they’ve been a little sad lately. Not yours, of course, this boyfriend pillow with a stuffed arm and half a torso for snuggling offers a cozy half hug.

Diy Dinosaur Heels

With these DIY dinosaur heels back in time (to the Mesozoic era). A fun gift in your life for the fashionista, she’ll be walking with dinosaurs in these boots. To see how you can make them, take a look at this article.

Diy Fake Beard

Everyone has a friend who is unable to grow a beard; give this fake beard the gift of hair growth. To get going, download the model in the blog post and follow the instructions. You’re going to make his Christmas when he actually feels like a kid.

DIY Gag Gift for Hitchhiker’s Galaxy Fan’s Guide

If you’ve ever read’ A Galaxy Hitchhiker’s Guide,’ you’ll know a towel is one of the most valuable gifts you’ve ever been able to receive. Make sure that this lovely DIY gift always has one side to the space lover in your life. Use a towel, don’t PANIC.

DIY Gag Gifts

DIY Poo Pouri

If they are infamous for wrecking the bathroom, you can send them this sprayer to remove unwanted odors by spraying it before a session. Makes a hilarious gag gift, but it also allows everyone involved to solve the problem.

Diy Sleepover Gag Gift

Do it with this hilarious DIY gag gift idea this year. Easy to make, you can make anyone think your thoughtful gift is just a cereal box. You can have everyone laughing around a bowl of lucky charms with the ability to add any custom message you want.

Diy Underwear Chip Bowl

If the guy loves watching the game in his undies while drinking beer and eating chips, he can appreciate this snack bowl of novelty. Check out the blog post to find out how to make the fun space filler.

Dollar Bill Beach Towel

Doughnut Soap Bars–

Fire Starter Dynamite

Need something to blow up? Such dynamite sticks will allow the trick. If you pull your fire starter sticks out of a box called “dynamite,” you’ll surprise friends and family. They’re good for quiet nights at home through a roaring fire or on your next camping trip.

Mixed Edible Bugs Edible Insects Bag

And your friend can eat “nothing,” right? Dare them try the Newport Jerky Company’s edible insects. They can chow on grasshoppers, crickets and silkworms–and if they watch their weight, they will be happy to know that the bugs are not fried.

Emergency Clown Nose

Now you can use the Emergency Clown Nose to add the amazing healing power of laughter to any occasion. Few things bring hope to a clown-like situation. For any situation where you need to make a smile, this stylish red nose can be worn. The Emergency Clown Nose is also useful in situations where people around you need to be scared.

Emergency Underpants

Are you not going to wear clean underpants in the event of an emergency? Should you feel less than new in the face of disasters? Emergency underpants are the solution to all the problems associated with your underpants. The fit in your pocket, purse, or glove compartment comes in a comfortable carrying case.

Evolving Tadpole

Watch the life cycle of a tadpole frog with the Evolving Tadpole package. Give this gift to a loved one and watch them joyfully hop as they experience the transformation that this animal will undergo in their lives. Comes with a blister card that is illustrated.

Executive knight pen holder

Goodbyes is the hardest thing to do. The thought you’re not going to see the favorite person on a daily basis brings a sense of sadness that’s hard to overcome. But the only way you will overcome this sorrow is to give them the best gift of farewell that will be written forever in their minds.

F If you’re going to get it wrong in Exams

you can make the most of it. F in Exams is a book that discusses some of the best false test responses ever given. Sometimes the stupidest among us is the wittiest, sharing their insightful humor with this novel.


Farting Coin Drop Bank–

Fifty Shades of Chicken: a parody in a cookbook

chicken recipes, giving a whole new meaning to the term ‘ food porn.’ It’s time for the heat to turn up.

Flair Hair Visor

Would you still like to wear the new hairstyles full of your hair? The visor of flair hair can help. Worn like a typical visor hat, it has a sprouting hair head from the top. All hat and viewfinder are available in a variety of colors and suit the majority of faces.

Forum Novelties Increase the size of the Boyfriend Novelty

There’s the perfect man.

Funny Bath Rugs–

You need a little bit of fun to improve your dull shower room. You can do this by putting in the designated area a funky-colored and humorously quoted bath math. Such bath rugs are unique presents to spice up your bath time for men’s bathroom accessories. Highlight the fun quotient with these men’s gifts that come with clever quotes written on vibrant and colorful bath rugs


Funny quoted socks–

Funny retro refrigerator magnet for a retired nurse

Nurses are one of the best people society has to give and to thank them for their service is a must. If you’re looking for a gift choice for a retired nurse then this funny retro refrigerator magnet reads-would you like to talk to the in-charge doctor or nurse who knows what’s going on? Isn’t it the right way to let them know that we care about them and understand their work? What else, if not this, can be their greatest farewell gift?

Funny Shower Gel Dispensers–

Funny Slogan Beach Towel


Giant Fist Can Holder

“Show off the brute strength of your drink while keeping it warm! The Can Holder Giant Fist is the ultimate styrofoam that can cool down. Impress your friends with your inability to break your can at your next meeting!

Giant Flask

It’s just like a normal flask, but it’s more than twice as big. The flask is a great gift and is ideal during the holiday season to get through family gatherings.

Nothing” gift

We all know somebody who makes a Christmas surprise and claims they don’t want anything, not even a mint bah humbug. To get that guy, the gift of nothing, follow this comprehensive guide. A lighthearted joke that will definitely be well received.

Go Girl

Go Go F**K To Sleep Not this day. This hardcover book is full of funny passages that will please both family. Mothers need a reminder when dealing with the dark side of parenthood that they are not alone. The book provides a lighter view of the pressure they’re going through.

Good Day, Poor Day Glass

This stunning joke gift idea is the perfect all-purpose glass for your loved one to enjoy their favorite poison. This glass has been etched to the highest quality and will be able to hold up to oz of liquid while standing the test of time.

Hands-on Butt Beach Towel

Happy Man Bottle Stopper

No one is happier than Happy Man about your wine bottle! This device helps keep the finest vintage between glasses clean and fruity. Happy man is made of sturdy red plastic and when put into the wine bottle spout, the black rubber rings ensure a tight fit.

His and Her Sharpie Mug Diy

Mugs and a sharpie, all you need to make this beautiful handmade gift. This guide will show you the steps you need to end up with your own customized mugs, and provided that you can write any message you want, they will be very special to the recipient.

How to make a Bra Purse

If you have some old bras you’re thinking about chucking out, did you consider making them into gifts for friends? Watch this video to see how to make cool purses with the bra cups and belts. And you can treat yourself to new underwear with the cash you save on gifts.

How to Make a Student Candy Letter

Funny presents aren’t that funny when you check your bank balance. Keep the laughter coming on a candy bar letter with this DIY guide. Designed for students, it can easily be adapted to any occasion because, let’s face it, candy loves everybody. This is no gift of duds.

Lives to Speak to Your Cat on Gun Safety


How to Traumatize Your Children’s Book

This funny book is the perfect gag gift for any planned parents, new parents or even seasoned parents you know and like. It’s a tongue-in-cheek guide on how to raise children who are bound to collect some laughs and even give some useful tips for parenting.

Humorous Superhero Wall Art–

On this I can Pee: And Other Poems by Cats

Some people like dogs, some like cats… a bit! This very clever novel, written by cats, is basically a poetry anthology. I can pee on this’ gives a very interesting and equally amusing insight into the whimsical animals with which we share our lives and would give any feline lover a funny gift.

Images You Don’t Masturbate To

Chill with’ Images You Shouldn’t Masturbate To.’ This amusing joke gift will bring joy to everybody who looks inside to bust their nut. The simple concept behind this paperback is what makes it so funny, you can still be left scrambling for the tissues, just note with all that hurling.

Inflatable Magical Unicorn Horn For Cats

Giving the magic joke to the cat lover in your lifetime. This inflatable unicorn horn will turn their favorite feline from pussy to pony into a beautiful, mythical creature worthy of their royal life. The cat (unicorn) will also reveal comfortably in their new look, standing tall at “long.”

Inflatable Sumo Dress–

Candle Jolly Rancher

burning hours.


Knock Knock WTF Nifty Notes

WTF’s art of passing notes has ever happened? Knock Knock’s time to talk to these Nifty Note pads. Abuse check boxes comfort and get straight to the point. This amusing gift will certainly give you the answers you want.

oz. For their favorite drink, they can also serve as a perfect complement to their gym routine. Present this as gifts to men who have everything and give them the best of both worlds, fitness drinks, a special place in their heart!

Mankini Beach Towel

Matchbox Jokes

Please send them to work or school with a bag of matchbox jokes and they will have a good laugh when lunch time comes. To order to fit the audience, you should make your own jokes, make them dirty if necessary, and clean if not.

Senior Moments Memories Mints Fun Gag Tin

Does your friend or colleague often have what can be described as a’ senior moment’ only? Never let them forget it with this tin of Memory Mints (even if they may have forgotten what they said to you). These are extra effective to help in the over s reverse memory loss.

Men’s Apron Gift For Guys

Get your man in the kitchen with this detailed DIY guide to making a personalized apron. He will be bound to enjoy it with the ability to add any text you like and will treasure it forever. You can make your way into his heart cheap and enjoyable.


Mummy Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book

Mummies are the best period. Tell the mom in your life with this hilariously related adult coloring book that you love her. The pages highlight Motherhood’s ups and downs in the form of stunning and hilarious artwork in which she will enjoy drawing, even after the season giving the gift.

Money Soap

They’re going to have plenty of time to try to get to the money reward in this soap bar. Using the soap is the best way to get to it and then wash the money off once it appears. Through deferred gratification, it should teach a lesson.

Retirement may be hard for anyone. You just have to abandon everything after working in a position and doing the same job for countless days and a fine day. But it’s harder for the heads of school as they see generations coming and going after decades. Therefore, by presenting him or her with a mug that has amusing messages for a prosperous and eventful retired life ahead, the perfect way to say goodbye to a retired principal is.

Skinny neckties of music novelty by Match Much

When you know someone else who is totally in love with music and leaves a place for good that nothing could be better than this piece of art. Of example, for the rest of their lives, a coworker who loves music will remember this gift. The necktie has music accessories printed on this tie, such as guitars, signs, piano keys and staff. We may not wear it devotionally but this gift is eternally cherished by goanna.

Mysack Golf Ball Storage

Newspaper Article Generator

“Giving this custom newspaper article generator a gift that is hot off the press. The website allows you to edit the text AND the pictures of an article in a newspaper to anything you want, allowing you to make a really personal and unique gift on the cheap.

No one knows that I am Gay Mug–

Passive Aggressive Notes

Like reading notes from disgruntled people who can hardly make it throughout life without a psychotic break? To you, this book is. It’s packed with hundreds of biteful, snipping comments to make you laugh.

People of Adult Coloring Book

‘ Coloring books are not only for children; adults can sit back and relax while they paint the designs in this book. And what subject would help de-stress Americans by picking up their marker pens… landscapes? Animals, perhaps? It’s Walmart’s customers, of course.


Custom toilet paper–

or just any amusing random quote you may think of; is one of the funniest men’s gifts. Let them get a smile every time they use the washroom and see the comedy of people who are nothing but funny about these rare gifts.

Personalized Face Towel



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