It doesn’t matter if she’s the easiest person to buy birthday gifts for your wife. But don’t panic, from this annual dilemma we’ve saved you. Our list contains tons of various items to match each palate. We are confident that here is her perfect present.

Botanicals Notebook Collection Is it necessary for your wife to carry a notebook with her anywhere? Whether she keeps these in her car bag or desk at work, these beautiful botanical notebooks will ensure that she always has ideas and lists to describe her thoughts somewhere.

Three Keys Necklace

This stunning Three Keys necklace may look like a beautiful piece of jewelry, but it contains a much deeper message. Each of the three keys is different and they all act as a reminder to trust your instincts and follow your heart.
What else are you going to want? A beanie hat that keeps your head warm in the cold weather and also has inside hidden earphones. In addition to being able to transmit your music via Bluetooth, it also allows you to respond to phone calls without having to cold your hands.

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Smartphone Valet & Planter Succulents are super trendy right now you just have to browse through Instagram to see that. This phone dock is going to be a great addition to your desk. Not only can you insert your mobile into it, but if plants aren’t your thing, the pot has space for a succulent or perhaps some desk accessories.

Long Distance Touch Bracelet Collection

Absence will literally make the heart expand so give it a visual reminder of that with this pair of bracelets that vibrate softly and light up when touching the other.> How do I love Thee From A-Z

This little book is a lovely birthday gift for a woman who loves sentimentality, even though you can fill in the A-Z as simply or poetically as you like.

Dyson Pure Hot and Cool The amazing Dyson Air Purifier also catches 99.97 percent of allergens with 360 degree oscillation 10 speed settings and quiet tag accreditation award for both heating and cooling.

Lovebox Spinning Heart Messenger

Give her a love note wherever she’s with this lovely wooden box that comes with a red heart warning spinning and a monitor inside to read her digital post.> TheragunPercussive Massager

Rest your hands while still enjoying the benefits of a handheld stimulator massage that offers deep tissue stimulation for healing and repair.

Star Map Custom
This pebble portrait is so simple and yet so sweet that it will capture her family in the most wonderful way it can portray up to seven members of the family including pets.

Dash Cold Brew Coffee Maker

If she likes her cold brew NOW this coffee maker will make her 1.5 liters in just 5 minutes and comes with three flavor intensity settings for a perfect caffeine fix.> Vesper Massager Necklace

With this extremely discreet necklace that hides a pleasurable element in plain sight, she can feel all loved even when you’re not around (or maybe when you are).

Marshall Portable Bluetooth Speaker Based on the design of the famous Marshall speaker, Stockwell II offers about 20 hours of sound on a single charge and is allowed for wireless listening pleasure through Bluetooth.

Polaroid OneStep Camera

Based on the original Polaroid design, this Bluetooth instant camera features two different lenses for both portrait and distant shots, as well as double exposure light painting and more.> Onzie High Rise Track Leggings

These track leggings are sleek and smart in a wide range of colors and contain 18% spandex and have a high rise waistline for ultimate flattering fits.

AARKE Carbonator Add a little (or a lot) of sparkle to her birthday with the Aarke Carbonator II, a very sleek and beautiful system that places bubbles in her daily hydration.

Custom Map Serving Tray

Serve your breakfast in bed with a visual reminder of a special place in your heart with this laminated tray featuring a map of three square miles around your selected location.

If you have a picture of a cycle riding dog on your chest, how can anyone take life seriously? Such tees feature lovely pups as they ride their way into the hearts of their owner. Prices vary

> 30 Thoughtful Personalized Gifts Your wife will remember for years> Finger Tracing Meditation Mug

Add some meditation to her morning mocha with a mug that slowly traces her finger as she contemplates the day ahead.

Vitruvi Stone Diffuser This diffuser made from porcelain needs only 10-20 drops of essential oil to deliver a fragrance of over 540 sq. Ft. and may run continuously or at intervals of 7 hours.

Coravin Wine Preservation System

Imagine pouring a wine glass without opening the bottle. Now she can reseal the cork for freshness with this innovative wine storage system that uses a pouring needle.

Unwind Lavender Gift Set

Lavender is popular for helping relaxation and this set will certainly help her with a candle pillow mist eye mask and bamboo plant at the end of a long hard day.

Only a tiny cube dropped in a bubbly glass can turn champagne into a Bellini or a Mimosa as it infuses vivid flavor with small pieces of floating fruit.

Succulent Wooden Flower Bed Pot

> Mixology Dice ®

Take this mixology dice pocket inside to your next party and take it to the cocktail game. Eight carved wooden dice all of which have different elements that make up cocktails on need to be rolled and then those ingredients used to make some beautiful drinks.

Zen Breeze Essential Oil Diffuser Scents that have such a calming effect on us and an essential oil diffuser is the perfect way to disperse such aromas. It also glows in the dark as well as the soothing fragrances this releases and omits a peaceful glow over the entire room to add to the calming experience.

Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons Collection

In any kitchen, these plain stainless steel measuring spoons look at home. Instead of working in falls smidgens pinches dashes and tads, the five different size spoons do not have the conventional measurements. For a chef with a sense of humor, it would make the perfect gift.> 33 Easy to use Gadget Birthday Gifts for Non-Techie Moms

Echo Look Hands-Free Camera and

Taking full-length pictures of yourself can be such a pain, but Echo and Alexa are here to help. Through taking photos or capturing 6 seconds of video, you will be able to build your own personal lookbook and with the built-in Style Check, there will always be someone to give you a second opinion.

Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook

This cookbook will go down a treat if your significant other is a big Potterhead. Students will be able to immerse themselves in Harry Potter’s culinary world with recipes for Harry’s favorite dessert that is treacle tart and Pumpkin Pasties served on the Hogwarts Express train.

Women played such an important role in the Second World War, and their stories are largely underplayed or untold. The book tells the story of the American code breakers who helped break the German and Japanese military codes that helped the troops get ahead and win the war. Prices Vary

Custom barrel of whisky
Prices Vary from within

Appearance. We all heard the correct saying? That what we eat will affect our skin on the outside is certainly true. This book gives you all the nutritional suggestions and tips that can help you eat pretty. You’re no longer going to need the expensive creams just good and healthy food.

Customized Sterling Silver Airplane Necklace

Click & Build Smart Garden Indoor Gardening Kit

It’s a wonderful thing to have home-grown herbs around the property. They not only smell wonderful, but they also look good. And it’s a pleasure to add them to your cooking. With this 3-step gardening kit, you’ll be able to grow your own – it couldn’t be easier.

> ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide

Apply this awesome device to your kitchen and you’re going to become a master under film. It has the ability to connect to your phone via Bluetooth or WiFi in a slim and sleek way so you can turn it on wherever you are. Every time you are guaranteed perfect results.

Too Faced Melted Kisses & Sweet Cheeks This would be a great gift for a perfect mix of blushers and lip gloss. These Too Faced travel size items will give you an idea of how you look at the products and then you can go out and purchase the full size goods.

Take Better Selfies Lens Kit
> KitchenAid Cold Brew Coffee Maker

This Kitchen Aid Cold Brew coffee maker can give you your cold drink of choice in the comfort of your home. Apply milk water or ice with coffee or tea and you’ll feel like you’ve ordered it from your favorite coffee shop without going outside.

Constellation Quilt This deep blue constellation quilt will make an amazing present if you need a birthday gift for your wife. Looking up at the stars is a timeless thing to do and now in the warmth of her own bed she will fall asleep under them.

Flip Rack

Coat racks are great things, but they get in the way sometimes. This ingenious invention, however, solved the problem. 25 Beechwood triangles flip down to hold the hats and scarves of your jackets, but when you don’t need them they fold up and out.> Urban Watercolor Sketching

If your spouse is a talented painter, she will love this book of watercolors. While reading this book, she will learn some great hints and tips on how to bring her watercolor paintings a new dimension. Through their job, every artist wants to tell stories and this will definitely help her accomplish that. Prices Vary

Homemade Coffee Scrub Soap

There are so many items out there that tell us they’re going to work well for us, but do you know what’s in them? Not only will this homemade coffee soap use your used beans, but with the added vitamin E oil it will keep the skin smooth and supple.> Homemade Natural Lip Balm

Using natural ingredients that are perfect for you to make this lip balm. You can even add some of your favorite lipstick to make it taste good for color or some candy flavoring. Pour it into cute bottles, either giving them as gifts or holding some for yourself.

Diy warmers in winter
> Diy Pop-up Photo Box

This pop-up photo box is an excellent example of finding new ways to view images. Choose a box and follow the steps to build your own box.

Mommy Survival Kit In A Jar Give this gift to any stressed mom or even a stressed not – a-mom in a jar and she will have to thank you for her rejuvenation and moments of much-needed research and development.

Diy Travel Organizer

Even old school book lovers have to embrace new technology in order to help her combine the two with this inspired DIY which uses an old book cover to create a travel technology organizer.> Diy Faux Agate Coasters

Look how stunning these fake agate coasters are and are incredibly easy to make with just a few basic items, making them a perfect birthday gift for anyone in the last minute.

Diy Latitude-Longitude Wall Art Less is more often than not and this is certainly the case with this minimalist image which uses the latitude and longitude of your chosen location to create an amazing piece of wall art.

Diy Sweetheart Tray

Bring your love right in front of her with this very convenient tray featuring sheet music from your special song. It’s great for bedtime breakfast.> Diy His And Hers Sharpie Mugs

Make this pair of mugs as your wife’s birthday present and you’ll also get a publicity for yourself as you toast her birthday with a nice tea cup.

Diy Coaster Chalkboard Set


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