Trump Pen ass

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I love it!!!!!!! I love it! Not for Obama or Hillary, they did not make it because they weren’t ASSHOES!!!!! And the women did not disrespect……. All of us have moms!!!!
I was given this as a present, and I ordered another for my son immediately. I love it! I love it! It sits on my desk and every day is a grim reminder of our country’s sorry state of affairs.
I’m not going to include a political declaration here. But I’m going to say great detail and quality. It seems heavy and has the weight to be an honest paperweight.
That’s the biggest thing ever! All the trumpet lovers are so upset because it’s “disrespectful,” and not one of Hillary’s, but if there were one he would most likely be a Hillary. Only the hypocrisy I can expect from Republicans yeah, I love the fact that Donnie easily holds a big hard pen or pencil. I was afraid that the opening would break so much that the shaft of objects inside would no longer be able to grab.


Trump talks gift funny

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It was the success of the 80th birthday party of my dad! Even the sad Republican thought it was funny! My brother wanted to know from where it came. When my 14-year-old grandfather read “Made in China financed from Mexican dollars,” the crowd again became wild!!
That’s just what the world’s worst president needs–a pen up his ass! Each time I look at my pen holder, I smile. My brother and ex-wife have purchased one and they are very pleased.
I love this product! I love this product! The package is amazing… Marketing A1… The whole package caused me to smile. The quality is excellent and strong. I’ll change it for a trophy sometime and update this post with a photo at that time. But with this buy, I’m very pleased!
A timely introduction to the fact is a term that symbolizes the disintegration and sad fall of the former USA into yet another unlearned lesson in history’s dustbins. May the spirit of Thomas Jefferson rest in peace.

Donald Trump Toilet Brush Cleaner

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I particularly enjoyed trying to figure out, so to speak, what end was’ on.’ I’ve often watched TRUMP and Seein ‘ Insanity, a gay Fox friend, on TV, where I tried to figure out what end was talking about. Usually, it seems that you can put the most bits of waste.
Hilarious that people feel this is so bad, but I bet that they’re not reading about Obama’s similar products. You fools have taken the time to read, but guess what? Your 1-star scores do not raise the 5-star score of many above. Haha, I love that!!! I love that!!! I’m a complete idiot and I don’t want to buy this. I’m insulting Trump, drinking CNN and fake news. I’m so stupid that I bought it because it was funny to me. I’m so old that Bernie’s going to save the world and give me some free stuff because I’m too lazy to work. They told me to hate the trump so that I would look beyond the good things he does every day and instead rely on a distorted story.

Doll trump


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“I bought the first one for my 50th birthday friends present. He’s a big time Trump supporter and I think he is hoping to get his birthday open with all his friends who are also Trump fans. I certainly aren’t a Trump supporter! It’s a surprise birthday party for him but I haven’t been able to do it, unfortunately.

Doll trump 2



“I have a sick sensation of humor, but I’ve been given it to my friends ‘ daughter because she’s a liberal to make her feel good. It’s not political BS, she’s LB and I am Indie, so it’s a good way of playing. I expected a cheap plastic toy, but this is actually a beautiful and beautiful piece of art. It was also very strong and very good quality! We also bicker back and forth about Trump’s thoughts. Being at the opposite ends of the spectrum, they really get under the skin of each other.
On the other hand, he hated it, which in my opinion merits 5*! He loved the package, but he thought it was funny to write on the bottom. Which demonstrates that a part of him actually agrees with me, or that’s not funny!”


Trump gag pen



Pretty funny darn! Great gift for someone who has it all. When you are looking for a pen, it comes very handy as you are expected to return it.
Those who criticize this is an anti-American, “Nationalism is meant to stand with the nation and nationalism is not too friendly with the president.” Everybody thought it was funny! Have a sense that next year will be re-doubled. If I could, I would give this 6 stars.
Whether people love Trump or hate him without feeling in the center. I’d say this dump brings a trump to the point of hatred. It’s a good satire with a comical finish. (It’s pun or bun).
I purchased this for a friend who doesn’t love the president… and he loved it. The owner of the pen is high in weight, well-painted and does the job very well (holding a book). It is a funny desk decoration, which makes a good gift if it matches your political persuasion (or apathy towards politics as a whole).

political humor gifts

True and well-created! The perfect gift and a wonderful piece of collectors. Luckily much quieter than the current president. I wish I could buy one for everybody in the world, including our wonderful and magnificent supreme leader. Sadly I have to pay for my medical attention and an imaginary wall…
Love all the disrespectful remarks! For a person who disgusts this owner of the pen is PERFECT. Can’t wait for my pens and the like to use it. Thanks for selling what the people need! AMAZON!:D Orange man’s pool. Orange Man BAD! Orange Man! Orange Man Good. Orange Man Bad. BAD Orange Man!! Orange man’s head free rent stay. Orange man BAD! Orange man! Orange Man BAD! Orange Man! Bleep* Blop* Orange MAN SO BAD I buy basin for Chinese people so I can pretend to stick things in the ass! Cuz ORange BaD MaN! Progressive me, responsible me!
This product was purchased for a friend. It was delivered quickly We gave it to him as a birthday present yesterday at a party and it gave everybody a big laugh, including my dad. It was a positive.


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